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Handpresso Intense Portafilter


Handpresso Intense Portafilter

฿690.00 ฿650.00

With this portafilter, you can slow down the infusion while increasing the extraction of the aromas ! Only suitable for the Handpresso Wild Hybrid.

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Achieve the best espresso extraction !

Craving a strong, aromatic shot of espresso? The Handpresso Intense Portafilter delivers robust espresso by increasing the length of the infusion process. Tthis accessory will add another dimension to your portable-coffee experience. This process allows for a bolder, stronger cup of espresso than what the mechanism included on the Handpresso portable espresso makers.

Compatible with Handpresso Wild Hybrid. NOT compatible with Handpresso Auto.

Ground coffee is available at Cafecaps Showroom or in any major supermarket.


Product Specification Material:

One piece aluminum

Height: 115 mm

Weight: 250g

Diameter: 34.7 mm

Color: Black