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Handpresso Tamper


Handpresso Tamper

฿990.00 ฿790.00

Handpresso offers a high-end, well-crafted tamper suited for the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machines.

Only suitable for the Handpresso Wild Hybrid.

FREE DELIVERY on orders over 950 THB in all Thailand !

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Achieve the best espresso extraction !

Using the Handpresso Tamper ensures you get the most from your ground coffee. Made entirely of aluminum, it is scratch resistant and easy to clean.Its stylish design is in line with the whole Handpresso range.


Compatible with Handpresso Wild Hybrid. NOT compatible with Handpresso Auto.

Ground coffee is available at Cafecaps Showroom or in any major supermarket.


Product Specification

Material: One piece aluminum

Height: 115 mm

Weight: 250g

Diameter: 34.7 mm

Color: Black