Coffee capsule Cremoso X100

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Compatible capsule* Cremoso is made from selected Arabica beans from Doi Tung in the north of Thailand. They deliver an amazing flavor characterized by roasted caramelized notes.
*Compatible ONLY for Nespresso machines and Nespresso Compatible machines.

Coffee origins

From Farmers to your Cup

Cafecaps is using 100% freshly roasted coffee to fill the capsules. Doi Chang and Doi Tung are the most famous mountain to harvest coffee. We choose to blend 50/50 both coffee for our Best seller “Cremoso”. Thanks to our direct trade policy, our trusted farmers are selecting for us the best beans while we ensure a fair price to them.

Eco-friendly Capsules

From Earth to Earth

Cafecaps Nespresso Capsules are compostable: it means you do no harm to the environment using Cafecaps Nespresso Compatible capsules. Made from wood bark, our capsules will be decompose within 23 weeks maximum after use.


Doi Tung, Doi Chang (Thailand)


Medium Dark




1,200 – 1,500m




100 Nespresso Compatible Cremoso Capsules per box

1 review for Coffee capsule Cremoso X100

  1. Pedro Romao (verified owner)

    I have order from Cafe Caps (for Bangkok and for Phuket) a few times and can’t recommend enough. Good price, the coffee is very nice (specially this one – Cremoso is the best), fress and fast shipping. Recomend

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