Coffee capsule Doi Chang X100


Compatible capsule* Doi Chang is a perfect balanced coffee using 100% Pure Arabica DOI CHANG bean characterized by an intense aroma with rich and velvety taste.
*Compatible ONLY for Nespresso machines and Nespresso Compatible machines.

Coffee origins

From Farmers to your Cup

Cafecaps is using 100% freshly roasted coffee to fill the capsules. Doi Chang, along with Doi Tung, are the most famous mountains in Thailand to harverst coffee. It is so good that we choose to make this single origin Doi Chang Coffee. Our trusted farmers only select the best beans each year for Cafecaps.

Eco-friendly Capsules

From Earth to Earth

Cafecaps Nespresso Capsules are compostable: it means you do no harm to the environment using Cafecaps Nespresso Compatible capsules. Made from wood bark, our capsules will be decompose within 23 weeks maximum after use.


Doi Chang (Thailand)


Medium Dark




1,250 – 1,450m




100 Nespresso Compatible Doi Chang Capsules per box


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